I do a lot of hikes and I will make sure to keep updating this so you guys can know what the hike looks like and where it is located.

I will make sure include a review about the hike and how it went for me personally!

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Meadowdale Beach Park

This is an amazing hike, located in Edmonds, Washington. It is a a 3 mile walk. Really good trail made for hiking. The becah view is really pretty at the end! I suggest this hike if you want a little bit of a challenge and a great view at the end! I would rate this a 5/5

North Creek Trail

This trail is a really nice hike! Straight only a bit of a challenge. This is located in Bothell, Washington. It is a 3 mile hike. On the way you will find a lot of streams. This is a really easy hike! I would rate this a 4/5

North Creek Forest

This hike is good! It is steep and really slippery when wet. Their is a good trail. It is a really pretty view at the top! It is a 3.5 mile hike. It is a good adventure and a challenge! I would rate this a 4/5.

I will probably have each hike as a different section so I can alwasy add more pictures!

Hope you guys find this website helpful!